Peter Masters

I am an experienced photographer with a background of 25 years in the industry. I am passionate about crafting beautiful images. I exhibit and sell my work as well as provide coaching and training to emerging photographers and beginners. I create my work by an entirely digital work flow. I use high end digital cameras and the world’s finest museum quality papers to produce my art. The works have archival qualities of over 100 years as a result. Currently the mix of chrome based inks and Tetenal semi matte papers and pearl canvases are delivering for me the finest technical quality that is possible to produce.

I am focused on building my reputation as an art photographer. All of my energy is going into exhibitions and building what I hope is a unique style. In the past seven years I have been lucky enough to mount nine exhibitions and I have been able to count each one of them as successful in both commercial terms and in fulfilling my own artistic goals and vision. Since my boyhood I have been fascinated by the ocean and every spare moment was spent either at the beach or enjoying the unique ocean baths of the NSW coast. I still gravitate to these iconic places and much of my photography reflects my fascination and love for the ocean. Canvas1mx1mNautilus