I have been active in the fine art market in Sydney for 20 years. While I have built a reputation as a portrait photographer, it is my landscapes and still lifes that have sold best at exhibition. My limited edition photos have been sought after and are eminently collectable.

I have won many awards for my photography, most notably in the USA. I received recognition from the prestigious art based US B&W magazine for two of my images which were awarded Merit awards for being amongst the best 200 black and white images of the year. The winners were chosen from over 5000 images world wide. Both featured the ocean and are shown below. The first image, of Dr Peter Hendry was taken at the ocean baths where he swam every morning, to celebrate his 90th birthday. The second image, “Surf at Maroubra” has been selected by the magazine to represent it in its US wide advertising campaign to gain new subscribers. The two awards, one in the Portraiture section and one in the Seascape section reflected my major interests.

The Director of Photography of Fairfax publications, Greg Newington, described my exhibition work as “magnificent”.




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