Lessons and Classes

I provide a number of packages for tuition in fine art photography. Students learn to master the basics of their digital camera and quickly move on to understand aperture and its uses, composition and framing and all of the digital workflow needed to produce beautiful art.

Classes range from 2-8 people and cover 5 separate lessons and experiences.

1: Classroom introduction to the camera and beginners photoshop.  2 hours.

2: Expedition to an outdoor venue to capture the art of the landscape. Includes individual tuition.  3 hours.

3: Studio shoot to capture the art of flash and fine art portraiture.  2 hours.

4: Classroom sharing of work, demonstrations of turning raw shots into fine art.  2 hours

5: An exhibition of the best prints to share with friends and family. A champagne reception to celebrate our achievements. 3 hours.

Price per person:  $360 for the full 12 hour experience.  Gift vouchers can be purchased by email  mastersphotos1@gmail.com

Courses are currently open.



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