Sponsor an Exhibition

Peter Masters Photography has opportunities for sponsorship of the next exhibition featuring the best of his work at a unique venue.

The benefits of this sponsorship include:-

  1. Sponsorship plaque or banner at sponsored location for the duration of the exhibition.
  2. Solid plastic tent cards with logo on every table in the venue for the sponsorship period
  3. Logo on each mounted photograph title next to each art work
  4. One 50pp artist’s reception at the venue ( the guest list is compiled from the sponsor’s customers and business partners ). The sponsor can use the opportunity to address the guests and/or do a short presentation at the commencement of the evening. The cost of hospitality ( wine , beer, canapés for up to 50 people is covered by the sponsorship )
  5. Logo featured on invitations for the artists’ receptions
  6. Mention in press releases publicising the exhibition

Total sponsorship is $3,500.00 + gst

Finally there are opportunities also for negotiated purchases of the art as individually tailored collections or as single pieces for display at corporate or private premises. This is a sensible investment as good photography is rapidly increasing its profile in the art world and increasing rapidly in value as a result.









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